Maimonides Emergency Medicine Residency

Training exceptional clinicians and future leaders of emergency medicine within the high volume, high acuity, diverse populations of Brooklyn, NY.


High Volume, Diverse Populations

As the largest hospital in Brooklyn New York, our annual ED visits are in excess of 122,000 including over 33,000 pediatric patients, one of the busiest in New York City, and New York State. Maimonides is in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, surrounded by neighborhoods with diverse populations, and with it, a wide range of pathologies, social systems and cultural beliefs that impact our patients.


Level 1 Adult Trauma, Level II Pediatrics Trauma

Maimonides is a level 1 adult trauma center and the only Pediatric Trauma Center in Brooklyn. In the PGY-2 year, four weeks are spent at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, Maryland, one of the nation’s largest trauma centers, where the idea of the “Golden Hour” was born. Shock Trauma serves as a major trauma referral center and delivers care to over 5,000 trauma patients per year.



Exceptional Leadership

The Maimonides EM residency faculty includes over 40 full-time attending physicians, including numerous fellowship trained faculty in ultrasonography, pediatrics, medical informatics, simulation, toxicology and hyperbaric medicine. We have world renowned educators and researchers including Reuben Strayer of, Anna Pickens of EM in 5, Sergey Motov of PainFreeED, and more.


Emergency Department-Based EMS System

Our EMS program includes onsite web-based control for emergency response ambulances, including the largest private ambulance companies in the 5 boroughs. Residents are provided emergency preparedness training as well as training for Mass Casualty, Weapons of Mass Destruction, as well as Orientation with FDNY, at their dispatch center. Our onsite ambulance department provides nearly 20,000 911 and inter-facility transports annually.



Academic Research

Our research division that consists of research director, research manager, senior research associate, three research associates, two research fellows and close to 50 volunteers is actively supporting faculty, residents and fellows in conducting a cutting edge research in the areas of ED Pain Management, Ultrasonography, Pediatrics, Pre-hospital care, Patient’s safety, and Resident’s Wellness and Departmental Operations. The division is the recipient of numerous state and hospital-originated research grants that supports all innovative projects and publications. In the academic year of 2017-2018, our department presented 40 Abstracts , published 41 Journal articles and two book chapters, conducted 60 Research projects, and participated in 50 National/International presentations. As of 2018, we have received $1.2 million dollars of grant funding.


We have many fellowship positions available at Maimonides including:

  • EM Ultrasound Fellowship began in 2007; includes two fellowship positions per year as well as a Pediatric EM Ultrasound Fellowship which graduated its first fellow in 2011 and has one position per year.

  • EM Simulation Fellowship is a one-year mentored experience working with experts in the field of simulation‐based education, administration and research while working part-time as an ED attending; currently has two fellows

  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine fellowship which is a 3-year training program also begun in 2008; it has graduated 1 fellow so far and has 1 spot available per year with three fellows currently in the department.

  • Medical Education Fellowship which began in 2011. This is a two year fellowship which includes a Master of Education and specialized training in the education of residents, medical students and attending physicians as well as participation in regional and national educational activities and conferences.



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