5th metatarsal fracture


Normal Apophysis in children runs parallel to the bone.  

Dancer’s or Avulsion (pseudo-Jones) Fracture @ cuboid articulation - hard sole shoe for 4-6 weeks and weight bearing as tolerated (WBAT) with orthopedics follow up in a week

Jones Fracture @ intermetatarsal articulation - high risk of non union, pt will need a splint and non weigth bearing activity (NWB) for 6-8 weeks with orthopedics follow up

Metatarsal shaft fracture - high risk of non union, will need a splint, NWB for 10-20 weeks, with orthopedics follow up

Below is a 5 minute video by amazing Dr. Anna Pickens (former Maimo attending) for visual review of the fractures: