CED stands for Clinical Event Debriefing. I am sure most of you are aware of these sessions taking place in the north/south side. These discussions are geared towards learning from a clinical case to ultimately improve patient care. Despite the fast-paced and high-volume ED where we practice it is possible to take 5 minutes to debrief a clinical case, if you follow these simple steps:

  1. Introduction:

- explain that this discussion is only going to take 5-10 minutes

- explain that this is a safe environment and that all participants will be treated with respect

- give all participants permission to leave (if they have a sick patient, a new patient, etc)

  1. Names and Roles
  2. Case Summary (provided by the team leader)
  3. +/delta

- Start with the positives! What went well? (i.e. closed loop communication, role assignment,

tone/volume, etc)

- How can we improve? (i.e. teamwork, systems, safety, etc)

  1. Develop solutions
  2. Closing Summary

What NOT to do:


What to do:


Happy debriefing!