Tooth Avulsion

Piggybacking on Dr. Cueva and Dr. Yetters tooth injury pearls earlier this year, I am here today to give some practical advise that you may not have time to look up in a trauma We are going to go over how to QUICKLY SPLINT A TOOTH AVULSION.

  • Note: Time is tooth, after one hour of avulsion viability is severely decreased; preferably <30min!

1)      While setting up for the procedure soak the tooth: Saliva is a great medium (place in mouth) = Hanks solution > Milk > Saline.

2)      Rinse socket with 20-40 mL of saline solution and then pat dry with a surgical sponge.

3)      Implant tooth in anatomical position

4)Splint: Use N95 respirator mask metal piece or metal piece from non-rebreather; both pliable and cut to size to include adjacent teeth.

  • File edges of any cut metal to prevent abrasions/laceartions.

5)Dry teeth – most important step!

  • Ensure this by using nasal canula or yankhauer connected to O2 source.

6)      Apply metal splint to tooth with dermabond. Apply dermabond between adjacent teeth and to splint.

7)      Hold splint in place for one minute.

Other important tips:

Start prophylactic antibiotics.

Urgent dental consultation.

CT if alveolar fracture suspected.